About Project Independence


It is important to remember that it is all of our responsibilities to actively ensure that Project Independence values are maintained.

Behaviours and values that we walk past are the new values and behaviours that we have accepted for Project Independence. The maintenance of values is the responsibility of everyone involved. For example if we walk past good behaviour and don’t acknowledge it we accept mediocrity. The same is true if we walk past poor behaviour we have accepted this poor behaviour as the new norm for Project Independence.

Committed to service

Work collaboratively to achieve the best results for Project Independence and the residents that we serve.


Accountability is a commitment by Project Independence Board, Residents’ Rights Committee, staff, contractors, volunteers, and residents/carers to consistently do the right thing in all activities and relationship interactions. It is expected that everyone involved in Project Independence will accept responsibility for their actions, decisions and behaviours.

Open Communication

Everyone in Project Independence will encourage open communication ensuring that all parties are able to freely express ideas to one another.


Teamwork is the key for Project Independence to achieve its outcomes, and everyone is responsible to effectively work together.


Everyone in Project Independence will respect all people, including their rights and their heritage.EthicalEveryone in Project Independence will demonstrate personal leadership, be trustworthy, and act with integrity, in all that they do.