About Project Independence


Residents can expect to:

  • the exclusive use of a bed sitter, with curtains, built in wardrobe, private bathroom facilities and kitchenette.
  • Enjoy one main meal each weekday, cooked by residents and the live in resident coordinator working together for the benefit of all residents;
  • have the use of the communal kitchen to prepare other meals, with food provided;
  • Be responsible for bringing in separately funded support, where required
  • Have the option to make this residence their home for the rest of their life, or use it as a part of their transition to full independence.Residents will be expected to:
  • Furnish their own unit with bed, chairs, TV and personal items;
  • Manage their own personal care, medication and laundry;
  • Agree to work towards maintaining harmony and goodwill within the household;
  • Contribute to the payment of shared household expenses;
  • Work towards achieving a level of independence that is appropriate to their skills, knowledge and capacity, particularly towards the tasks of daily living;
  • Actively participate in domestic duties including meal preparation, cleaning and tidying up of private and communal areas;
  • Abide by the House Rules, as developed in partnership with Project Independence
  • Actively participate on the Resident’s Rights Committee.